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Gold Mark is Establishment for oil services(18)old and has a long history in the oil and services has been involved with several international companies, which will be mentioned later to gain a lot of experience oil.

Gold Mark is diversified oilfield supply company providing complete range of equipments, parts, accessories and services for oil and gas related projects. we provide professional and dedicated services to oil and gas fields

GOLD MARK is a well-resourced company, striving for excellence and total customer satisfaction.

we directly serve the end-users by offering our exceptional supply and service


Establishment Policy

GOLD MARK & Oilfield Services is organized by several specialized units and functions with very well educated teams under supervising of the board of directors in headquarter, We also carry out major part of project management and procurement operations and activities from our head offices.

The construction, partly project management, local procurement activities and some of detailed engineering activities are carried out through site organization


GOLD MARK is Committed to:

1-Understanding the requirements of our customers and provide competitive and effective services to meet customer satisfaction

2-Gain and build customer relationship by providing value for money and trust worthy services

3-Strive for Continual Improvement by setting quality objectives and targets

4-Lead the employees to work as a team and create an environment to obtain better business results

5-Comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements related to products and services.



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