Portable Blast Equipment

  • Gold Mark Mobile dry abrasive blast systems,
  • are typically powered by a diesel air compressor.
  • The air compressor provides a large volumes of high pressure

air to a single or multiple "blast pots".

  • Blast pots are pressurized,
  • tank like containers, filled with abrasive material, used to allow a adjustable amount of blasting grit into the main blasting line.
  • The number of blast pots is dictated by the volume of air the compressor can provide.
  • Fully equipped blast systems are often found mounted on semi-tractor trailers, offering high.
  • mobility and easy transport from site to site In wet blasting,
  • the abrasive is introduced into a pressurized stream of water or other liquid, creating a slurry.
  • Wet blasting is often used in applications where the minimal dust generation is desired.
  • Portable applications may or may not recycle the abrasive



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