Construction & Building :-


Gold Mark believes that the best way to rebuild a real art lies in providing the

best automation and best cadres.

And it is also pleased to receive you talk to an appointment with us to discuss how to

  provide maximum comfort to meet your needs.

Therefore, we brought the best technical personnel and technical implementation

 of all projects carried out by our company and the best and latest machinery and

vehicles used in construction and urban Amcharie.

Our goal is always to provide the best services at the lowest prices Best wishes

Ø Gold Mark has the capacity and efficiency, material and technical, which qualifies them to be fully prepared to provide services and in the following areas:

1)       the implementation of large-scale projects in construction and infrastructure works.

2)       geometric designs, and the restoration and rehabilitation of buildings and institutions.

3)       Implementation of the excavation of the different soil types and in any type of rock, including rock-solid different depths and in large quantities, dig channels for the course of the cables of various depths, dig canals for irrigation purposes as well as the extension of telephone networks and communications.

4)       the work of demolition and clearance, settlement and transfer of waste resulting from the demolition company car, cleaning up sites and removing obstacles and preparing them for the establishment of civil projects, electrical them.

5)       consultancy in the fields of engineering (civil, electrical and mechanical).

6)       Study of projects, planning and solutions.

7)       Roads and public spaces project management and implementation of the railway network extending in all stages and to build bridges, airports, airfields, ports, stadiums and public parks and extending water and sewer.

8)       The company provides transport services for various types of goods and the various weights, such as cars, machinery and heavy equipment to and from all cities in Yemen.

9)       Supply of foreign companies and local needs of machinery and heavy equipment at any location within the Republic of Yemen.

10)   Maintenance services for all types of machinery and transport equipment heavy.

11)   The company provides services related to transport, port and clearance to the caravan.


Civil Engineering and Building

Gold Mark executed construction of different kinds of building.

Civil works –provide. Building construction

Rehabilitation building & maintenance,

Works swimming & ground playing.

Works connection electrics and maintenance,

Works connection water laying

reserve pits..

drilling location  .

Maintenance and rehabilitation of the roads and