Jobs Floors And Routing


Gold, Mark completed a high rate in the year and many miles of the

tract to the rules of fuel in the far regions of the Republic of Yemen


Civil Engineering Industry:


Mark Gold Corporation completed the civil engineering works of the most complex industrial superiority of these important capabilities for the production of concrete to allow industry more than concrete.


Gold Mark Corporation completed the civil engineering works of the major industrial vehicles such as

Centers, fuel storage

Pressure and pumping stations

Civil Engineering for pipes:

Gold Mark Corporation completed Civil Engineering special tubes for the oil and gas

This activity is surfacing and civil engineering, and includes the following stages:

   Open the barriers to make way

 Completion of courses interest (pipes) and pipes as well as the positions

Places drilling pipes                                                               

 Delivery brushing the sand, the process of reclamation

.Completion of the intersection of roads, valleys and pipes

Civil engineering intensive facilities and suites dock

Civil Engineering for irrigation

Gold Mark Corporation completed the liquidation stations, treatment plants, pumping stations, water reservoirs and diverting water from the dams. These facilities include surfacing works and civil engineering facilities basal

Altstihat floors, huge and big

 Download the complete works of large equipment space

Open the barriers to make way

.Construction of dams and barriers

  basins Cons

Railway Civil Engineering :

Gold Mark Corporation completed civil engineering of the railway and include the completion of surfacing and flooring base and civil engineering structures

Fabrication and installation of facilities:

Gold Mark Corporation completed manufacture of steel works, installation of turnkey

facilities and other activities, including:

Stores and industrial tubes

Premises for the use and housing An anti-fire

Strings to be installed

Structural Steelwork

Storage bins

All types of fence and corridors

Installation of prefabricated cement columnstruction of evaporative