Our activity and services


  1. Contracting:


  1. Construction and installation of prefabricated houses, hangars and maintenance.
  2. Our implementation in the construction of buildings such as: -
  3. Government buildings, large and mega cities as well as residential.
  4. In the process of settlement sites have the ability to remove the sand dunes and transported to off-site and the work of settlement.
  5. We have the ability to do the work of the retaining walls on the shores of the Sea and the work of concrete barriers and bridge the wide open spaces on the ports.
  6. We just have to carry out sanitation of any site such as drilling and filling, casting and extend the network to any location.
  7. We have the ability to undertake the implementation of dams and levees and the work of drainage channels.
  8. Labor services field (such as field labor - labor houses - the maintenance of employment - employment bridge and the settlement), oil installations and to provide any specialized labor.
  9. The supply of fluids to detect and materials analysis laboratory and soaps drilling.
  10. Supply of spare parts and capital drilling rigs.
  11. Visa services - Residences - work permits - Hotel Reservations.
  12. The transfer of drilling rigs - transport from site to site - from the well to the site - from well to well.
  13. The supply of tires and batteries.
  14. Provide a means of security and safety.
  15. We are keen to be identical to our high-quality specifications and take into account the rules of security and safety (because the aim is to satisfy our customers}.


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 The institution of the Gold Mark  services are provided along and view the Republic of Yemen.


  • Transportation of all petroleum materials to work sites.
  • Transportation and provision of drinking water to work sites in oilfield.
  • Transportation materials from head office to site vice versa.
  • Seismic transportation also provides them all services in time.
  • Rent all kinds of vehicles {heavy & light equipment }
  • Stuff transportation.
  • Transportation and move all types of crude oil to site or near basis.
  • Transportation or move all camp or site to any location.
  • Transportation of all equipment from ports of entry to company locations.
  • Transportation of drilling rig and heavy tools.
  • Transportation of all foodstuffs to oilfields with due care.
  • Transportation of employees and laborers from cities to work locations using special transportation means.


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