Gold Mark has motivated team experienced in clearing customs for a number of clients. Due to our experience, reasonable rates, and excellent relations with authorities, our customs clearance service is unsurpassed. In addition, we have various means of transportation such as containers-trailers, trucks, forklifts, buses, cars, etc. We can arrange shipment to different governorates or the neighboring countries..

»Transfer Tanks
                   GOLD MARK Foundation works through tankers owned          bythe transfer of Aalkhozanat to large work sites

»Transfer pipes
________________________________________                   http://www.goldmarkest.com/images/87.png
Foundation GOLD MARK transfer pipe transfer

 pipes of large sizesfabricated to work sites, taking

 into account the rules of safety andpublic safety.

      http://www.goldmarkest.com/images/88.png                       »Move uploaded and drilling machines
           Is the transfer of drilling machines used in the drilling

 of oil from the ports( Yemen  Hodeida  Makalu Aden + all the

ports of Yemen), the locations of oil fields across thetankers Mark Gould Foundation to ensure that they arrive on time

»Loading and unloading of oil shipments
__________________________________                                http://www.goldmarkest.com/images/89.png
Foundation Gold Mark all operations relating

to loading and unloading of oil shipments

                                   »Electrical transfer stations
      http://www.goldmarkest.com/images/90.png       ___________________________
                  Foundation Gold Mark of the transfer stations

                  Electrical Miinaalhdidp etc to the main power stations.

»Heavy transport in
__________________________________             http://www.goldmarkest.com/images/91.png
Foundation Gold Mark all operations related to transport

heavy in general, and extends its activities to include the

 transfer of desalination plants and gas refineries.





To make integrated transport easy and safe and economically viable for companies and individuals.


To be the ideal choice as a partner in Yemen to provide services and solutions for integrated transport to and from all over the world and offer the best value to customers, employees and shareholders.



Gold Mark Novi always our promises, and treat everyone with dignity and respect and sincerity, we commit ourselves to the highest ethical standards in everything we do work.




• Transportation and move all types of crude oil to site or near basis.

• Transportation or move all camp or site to any location.

• Transport of the equipment / material and services

• Transportation of employees and laborers from cities to work locations using special transportation means.

• Transportation of all petroleum materials to work sites.

• Transportation and provision of drinking water to work sites in oilfield.

• Transportation materials from head office to site vice versa