Gold Mark for Oil & Gas Services established in 1997 to support international Oil & Gas companies in Yemen. The expansion depended on especially to the local government focus &policy changes in the energy sector as well as the need for local professional companies who can approach and provide services to the existing companies and other interested companies to enter the Yemen Market.


The sole objective of GOLD MARK in to support economic development in Yemen through the focused set of strategies enabling us to provide our customers With greater value through QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICES based on our promise to "deliver and do what we say". By continuously increasing the value we provide to our customers through our operating strategies, our customers, employees, suppliers will all benefit.




We continually strengthen our capabilities in serving better focusing on national & international in the onshore drilling & production equipment sector. Yemen is becoming a good market for drilling & work over. We now see greater potential locally for our products and services. Our aim is to develop the business through out Yemen.