We are specialized

 - manufacturing Caravans Prefabricated houses & building.

 - Rental and supply all kind of heavy equipment.

 - Supplying spare parts.

 - supplying Cranes & Fork Lifts any Capacity needed.

 - Maintenance and renewal rigs, prefabricated houses, fuel tanks.

 - Rental Brand new Vechels.     

 - Blasting and Painting.

 - Rig Move & removing.

 - Drilling casing pipes maintenance.

 - Site Preparation.



More Over we have our own camps near to your sites with maintenance work shop and complete trucks for rig move and Hi capacity Cranes, Forklifts, Containers, Power Generators, Compressors,




 If any information needed please do not hesitate to contact us.



General Manager

Oweedah N. Jodilan


Tel : +967 777103355

Email : oweedah@goldmarkest.com