• General safety precautions in welding


  1. Gold Mark does not welded only qualified technicians and authorized them to do so.
  2. Must welding technician and assistant to use protective equipment

Suit welding and safety boots, helmet and raincoats eyes, gloves and protective face.

  1. Protect vicinity of welding sparks using an appropriate cover.
  2. not cutting or welding in the atmosphere where gases are deployed

Dust Alhidocarbonah or when high

  1. speed winds.Fire Monitor must be set when doing welding in the risk of Fire great preparation for any emergency, to be equipped with the necessary equipment to fight the fire.
  2. Must be welding machine cables and connections are clean and with good insulation and undamaged And suitable for carrying electricity used in welding.
  3. must work necessary grounding of the equipment.
  4. must provide adequate ventilation during welding procedure into place reserved and closed and semi-closed.